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Name Country Institution type Year File attachments Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Address
Seychelles Agricultural Agency Seychelles Agricultural Extension Organization 2009 Hon. Charles Bastienne 2nd Floor, Maison Collet, P.O Box 408, Victoria, Mahé, Republic of Seychelles., E-mail:[email protected]
Seychelles Breweries Ltd Seychelles Private Institutions
Seychelles Fishing Authority Seychelles Farmers’ Organization 1984 Mr. Rony Renaud
Seychelles Polytechnic Seychelles Educational Institution 1983 Mrs Audrey Nanon
Takamaka Bay Seychelles Private Institutions
Trois Freres Distillery Seychelles
Tropeko Seychelles Educational Institution
University of Seychelles Seychelles Educational Institution James Michel