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Name Country Institution type Year File attachments Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Address
Khartoum Technical College Sudan Educational Institution Dean: Abubaker Akerbueljokh P.O Box 15027, Khartoum-Elamarrat
Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forests Sudan Governmental and Inter-Governmental organization 2011 Mona Osman
Aalategahat Almtadeda Co. Ltd Sudan Private Institutions
Abu Haraz Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Sudan Agricultural Research Institute 1975
Academy Of Engineering Science , Academiat Al-Uloom Al-Handasia Sudan Educational Institution 2002 Mohamed Ali Bashir P. O Box 12045 City:Khartoum
Africa College Koliat Ifriqya Sudan Educational Institution Dean: Suliman Nasr Eldien P. O. Box 3493, Al Ryadh Street No. 12, Khartoum
Agricultural Research Corporation Sudan Agricultural Research Centre 1902 Prof. Abubakr Hussein Sudan – Wadmadani P.O Box 126
Agricultural Research Corporation Sudan Agricultural Research Institute Prof. Abubakr Hussein [email protected]
Ahfad University For Women Jameat Al-Ahfad Llbanat Sudan Educational Institution 1995 Gasim Badri- President of the University Omdurman- Khartoum state P.O Box: 167 Omdurman – Sudan
Al Gezira Trade & Services Sudan Private Institutions
Al Moghtaribeen University Of Science And Technology Sudan Educational Institution 2000 President: Hasan Hamed P. O. Box: 7121 Khartoum, Sudan
Al Nasr University Sudan Educational Institution 1945 Maaz Elsarag P.O. Box 744, Wad Nubawi District, Khartoum
Al-Fashir University Jameat Al-Fashir Sudan Educational Institution 1975 Abdullah Hay Abubakar P. O. Box 125, Al-Fashir, North Darfour
Animal Production Research Centre Sudan Agricultural Research Institute
Animal Resources Research Corporation Sudan Agricultural Research Institute 1998